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How many times have you been confronted with suddenly having to translate complex financial documents into English, or prepare the CEO for a speech in front of a demanding U.S investor audience in 48 hours ...and felt that you were lacking the resources to do a top-notch job?


You are not alone. Time and time again companies create their message to an international audience in a rush or as an afterthought; and the results are no surpise: text-crammed slides, long-windedness, over-confidence in English skills, insufficient public speaking or media training, anemic salesmanship, an often incoherent equity strategy – let alone the ability to communicate it convincingly - all translate to a weak U.S investor communications platform.  


The IR Doctor is a service designed to help you with all of your Anglo investor communications needs; and to make sure that every minute spent with investors or stakeholders in meetings, on the road or at conferences is time well-spent. And like a "doctor", he can provide all the critical help when "emergencies" involving the U.S. capital market communications pop up. 


So don't sweat through that next English investor presentation or U.S roadshow planning or speech drafting because you feel unprepared. Relax and call The IR Doctor... and let him do the sweating for you!




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